Silk Road restaurant is an international brand with well-known enterprises. Since 2011 the founder of the first franchise Sichuan and Huaiyang restaurant chain, the company has developed into a comprehensive set of chain catering, leisure and entertainment. 

Over the years, the company based on the characteristics of business, service satisfaction as the guarantee, efforts to build brand catering culture construction.

Professional service quality, smile, gorgeous decoration. The silk road takes the customer's satisfaction as the direction of the company's development, and brings the customers happy experience and high taste enjoyment.

The Silk Road restaurant located in Tehran bustling commercial center, with superior geographical position and convenient transportation.

The shop has a classic Huaiyang and Sichuan, with advanced and standardized management, excellent dishes quality assurance system at home and abroad.

The company is interested in creating a gourmet place with high taste, combining traditional large Chinese food with local characteristic catering, forming a unique mode to meet the different needs of different consumer groups. Professional service team, affinity personalized decoration, extremely humane. All along, the Silk Road of delicacy and innovation dedication, wonderful interpretation of the delicacy of the highest.
From year to year after year today, the Silk Road everywhere. In addition to Tehran, the company also opened a super scale branch in India, New Delhi, with a total business area of more than 1000 square meters

As a model of catering enterprises, the Silk Road Tehran store has received the attention and support from the local food and beverage management departments in Tehran, which has led to a new chapter in the Chinese catering industry in Tehran. The store has 300 square meters, can accommodate 120 people dining at the same time. Whether it is on a business trip or travel travel tourists can feel the humanistic care careful here.

With the in-depth understanding of Tehran local market, we will gradually innovation, adjust the taste, more suitable for the Iran local people's preferences, but also hope that more like Iran guests come to my shop to taste the delicacy give valuable advice, let us better service for all people!

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